NYC Adding More Religious Holidays to School Calendar

Sending their children to school or observing religious holidays is a dilemma faced by some religious parents. This is not a problem for Christians or Jews as schools are closed for their major religious holidays. In a least six school districts in the U.S., observant Muslims do not face this problem. New York City schools will join these school districts when they too close schools for two major Muslim religious holidays.

Not everyone supports closing schools for observance of religious holidays. Doing so is a violation of church-state separation says the co-founder of the Muslim Bar Association of New York, Farhan Memon. As well, such closures are unfair to those lacking any religious holidays. Memon's concern that more groups will want their religious holidays provided for appears to be well founded. Currently New York City's Chinese residents are requesting schools close to observe Chinese New Year and the Sikh, Jain and Hindu populations are requesting closure so their children do not have to miss school in order to observe their religious holidays. 

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