Palestinian Christians Feeling Isolated and Depressed Call for Peace Talks to Resume

While Palestinian Christians comprise about eight percent of the population of the West Bank and only one percent in Gaza, more Christian Palestinians migrate each year than Muslim Palestinians. This is because Christian Palestinians generally are wealthier and better educated. As a result, the population of Christian Palestinians is decreasing each year. However, those Christian Palestinians that remain call for peace talks to resume between Palestinians and Israel. Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah, the Pope's representative in the Holy Land and first Palestinian to serve in that capacity, states that if the present situation continues it will only lead to the end of Israel as "Israel cannot survive surrounded by enemies."

Baptist pastor Rami Khouri in Bethlehem agrees. "The situation is getting worse. We are losing a golden opportunity for negotiations, and this may be the last chance before the big war that is going to take place in the Middle East," he stated while noting that Palestinian Christians have increasing "feelings of isolation, anger and depression." Palestinian Christian Nora Carmi observing a double standard by the world regarding the slaying of Jews and cartoonists in Paris stated, "The whole world protested what happened in Paris but when the same thing happens to a whole population nobody says anything."

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