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. . . fear makes for very bad politics. Fear fans the flames of hatred, which leads to more violence, which leads to more fear.
— Rabbi Sharon Brous, leader of the innovative IKAR Jewish community in Los Angeles

What is Center for Liberty of Conscience?

Center for Liberty of Conscience (CLC) was founded to fill a need expressed by educators and others for resources addressing the history of liberty of conscience. CLC provides seminars, papers and other materials such as the documentary Roger Williams: Freedom's Forgotten Hero and its accompanying study guide. CLC is dedicated to protecting the rights and responsibilities of all persons pertaining to freedom of thought, belief and action.

“Conscience” Defined: The inner or intuitive sense or guidance of what is morally right or wrong. 

I speak of conscience, a persuasion fixed in the mind and heart of man…This conscience is found in all mankind…
—Roger Williams, Founder of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

“Conscience” Explained: Everyone possesses a conscience. Regardless of creed, religion, political affiliation, cultural background, race or gender, the conscience is the seat of each individual’s ethical decision making. Because the conscience determines an individual’s thought, belief and action, it is the essence of who the individual is. Violating one’s conscience violates one’s integrity. For these reasons, the conscience is precious, sacred and to be protected and respected at all costs.

Government is instituted to protect property of every sort…Conscience is the most sacred of all property.
—James Madison, Father of the Constitution