Where are the Roger Williams of today? How amazing that such a phenomenal figure is not even more greatly immortalized in our schools for his heroism.
— Ed Asner, star of Lou Grant
Many of the challenges that educators face today result (directly or indirectly) from the fact that we take our freedoms for granted. This film gives a solid understanding about how we gained them.
— Virginia Glenn, Ph.D., Administrator Lake Tahoe Unified School District
This story must be told. Roger Williams’ contribution to our nation defines us as Americans. Additionally, as a Christian, this video gives us a basis to lead a faith-filled life.
— Michael Sasko, President and Founder Patients Are Powerful
This wonderful video is aptly named - unfortunately, Roger Williams is a ‘forgotten hero,” even among some Baptists. Every American should watch this video to learn about our heritage of religious freedom.
— Brent Walker, Director Baptist Joint Committee
Roger Williams: Freedom’s Forgotten Hero is an excellent documentary on the birth of religious freedom and the idea of separation of church and state. It reminds us that these concepts, taken for granted today, came about through a great deal of struggle, sacrifice and dedication.
— Robert Singletary, Educator, Secretary Thomas Paine National Historical Association
I found the substance of Roger Williams: Freedom’s Forgotten Hero to be wonderfully crisp and edifying. We are supplied with just enough information, and not too much. And what we are afforded is never boring, often electrifying.
— Professor T. J. King American River College
The video provides a historical record of the fight for liberty of conscience and makes the viewer aware of the significant contributions of Roger Williams.
— Richard Barnett, Retired Vice President Church State Council
I found your video excellent. It was well researched and well documented. My students found it interesting and the video allowed students to take notes without having to rewind. The music enhanced the soundtrack and made the narrative very interesting. The video and study guide leave room for more inquiry and research. It is very appropriate given the times in which we are living. The video reminds us that an excellent understanding of the history of religious freedom will provide good arguments for supporting our rights. Thank you for such a fine historical docu-drama.
— Kathryn Shaw, High School Teacher Detroit, Michigan
Roger Williams: Freedom’s Forgotten Hero is a superbly presented, 45 minute, full color video telling the story of Williams and the establishment of the first political realm in recorded human history with freedom of religion as its foundation. Artwork and “on location” cinematography are enhanced with the commentaries of respected and knowledgeable experts on Roger Williams’ life and career. Roger Williams: Freedom’s Forgotten Hero is very highly recommended for personal, academic and community library video collections on American colonial history in general, and the evolving concept of the constitutional and theological principle of “Freedom of Religion” in particular.
— Wisconsin Bookwatch, March 2002
An excellent resource for many aspects of American History studies, Roger Williams: Freedom’s Forgotten Hero, tells the story of Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island and the man who established the Baptist movement in America. An overview of his life is given with the concentration being on his time in the colonies and his disagreements with the Puritan leaders in Massachusetts. Special emphases are given to his advocacy of religious freedom and the principles of separation of church and state. A round table of scholars discusses these aspects of his life in particular.
The work is well done. The panel is nicely chosen, each very knowledgeable in his field. The discussion sections are kept short enough to hold the interest in the aspect being discussed and are interspersed with recreations of events in Williams’ life as well as views of places, etc. being talked about. The work is scholarly without being dull and provides some “food for thought.
The video would make a good adjunct to classes in American History, church history, or even government studies. As such, the ideal audience is students, high school and above. A school or academic library would do well to purchase this as an addition to its collection for these curriculum areas. It’s a good video at a good price.” Christian Library Journal, 2001 “As a member of the teaching profession I was excited to view a lesson in history that was both an honest account and attention getting.
— Sandy Eckles, Becoming Parents Coordinator Yuba Sutter YMCA
What an exciting piece of history that needs to be in our schools. The video and content was exciting and the impact powerful. No matter what religious persuasion, this video clearly defines how our religious freedoms came about and were in fact defined by the actions of one strong man with religious convictions but the forethought to know government intervention would violate our differences and the freedoms of expression and living amongst each other with respect.
— Judy Stillwell, Grant Research/Administrative Clerk Seneca Healthcare District
Very exciting, well done, needs to be on PBS. The video enhances our understanding of our freedoms and inspires further understanding.
— Flo Horton, Human Services Specialist Sacramento County
The documentary Roger Williams: Freedom’s Forgotten Hero was extremely educational and informative about our American history. It was professionally done, well organized and clearly delivered. It is a great resource to all educators and learners.
— Aisha Bolds, Executive Assistant Progressive Women of Excellence
It’s empowering to understand the reasons why separation of church and state evolved and to see how American citizens could be greatly oppressed, as citizens are in other countries, for religious choices if we did not have this freedom.
— Susan L. Roberts, Fund Developer Agency for Hearing
Very informative and well produced. Valuable information for students to understand and adults to review.
— Kara Garner, Executive Director We Insist on Natural Shapes (WINS)
Extremely informative, professional and important. This reminder is critically necessary at this time in our nation’s history. I see it as a potential to unite disparate and historically conflicting groups. Thanks for your work.
— Cynthia Siegel, Executive Director Omni Programs PASA
Intriguing format using original sources, speeches and re-enactments. The current understanding and practice of church-state separation issues is where the real meat and potatoes are.
— Doug Wilson, Executive Director The Foundation to Restructure Schools