Roger Williams: Freedom's Forgotten Hero

This is the story of a courageous, passionate, devout Christian who fought for liberty of conscience, America's greatest gift to humankind. The Pilgrims and the Puritans came to America seeking religious freedom for themselves. Roger Williams arrived seeking liberty of conscience for all: Protestant and Catholic, Jew and Muslim, unbeliever and pagan.

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What Others are Saying

Where are the Roger Williams of today? How amazing that such a phenomenal figure is not even more greatly immortalized in our schools for his heroism.
— Ed Asner, star of Lou Grant
Many of the challenges that educators face today result (directly or indirectly) from the fact that we take our freedoms for granted. This film gives a solid understanding about how we gained them.
— Virginia Glenn, Ph.D., Administrator Lake Tahoe Unified School District
This story must be told. Roger Williams’ contribution to our nation defines us as Americans. Additionally, as a Christian, this video gives us a basis to lead a faith-filled life.
— Michael Sasko, President and Founder Patients Are Powerful